The Best DSLRs of 2015 - Our pick of the very best Digital SLRs currently on the market

Looking to bag yourself a new digital SLR – or DSLR as they’re more commonly referred to – but confused by the options? Let us guide you through the market with our selection of the best DSLRs of 2015.

From budget entry-level DSLRs to mid-priced enthusiast models and advanced semi-pro cameras, our definitive list of the best DSLRs of 2015 will help you to narrow down your search.

Canon EOS 750DCanon EOS 750D

Street price: £494 body only

The 750D is targeted towards people upgrading from a compact camera or smartphone who want more flexibility and advanced manual controls. It would make a great choice for beginners making their first inroads into DSLR photography.

It has a simple layout and controls and there are more than enough pixels on the chip to produce prints up to A2 size, the autofocus both in and out of live view is fast and responsive and the vari-angle touchscreen is absolutely superb.

Best DSLR for: Someone just starting out in DSLR photography

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Nikon D5500Nikon D5500

Street price: £559 body only

The Nikon D5500 is an entry level DSLR with a high standard of images with reliable metering, white balance and noise control to a level above its standing.

The Nikon D5500 builds on the success of its D5300 predecessor with the addition of a new touchscreen and tweaked design, amongst several other enhancements.

The D5500 also offers an impressive level of focus performance, and is only slightly disappointing when it comes to Live View focus speeds.

Best DSLR for: Entry-level photographers wanting a bit more

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Pentax 645Z Pentax 645Z product shot 13

Street price: £4,925 body only

While the price of the 645Z is undoubtedly out of the reach of most photographers, it is in fact the most affordable medium-format camera on the market.

For that price you get a 51.4MP, 44 x 33mm sensor which is capable of resolving an astonishing amount of detail, perfect if you’re looking to take the step in to high-end studio work.

Best DSLR for: High-end detail capture

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Sony Alpha A77 Mark II Sony A77 Mark II

Street price: £729 body only

As is ever the case with a Sony DSLR, the A77 II arrives packed full of all of the latest technology.

This includes a substantial 79-point AF set-up, a 12fps continuous shooting speed, a 24.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor and Wi-fi and NFC technology.

Best DSLR for: A bursting specification

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Canon EOS 5DS RCanon EOS 5D R

Street price: £ £2,549 body only

The Canon EOS 5DS R is currently the highest resolution full-frame DSLR on the market right now. It has a 50.6-million-pixel sensor and has very respectable dynamic range too, although it’s perhaps not as noise-free in very deep shadows as the Nikon D810’s 36MP sensor.

Autofocus and metering systems both work exceptionally well, giving sharp, well exposed images, and the mature body design makes it easy to change settings quickly on the fly.

Together this means the 5DS R is sure to become a favourite for studio and landscape photographers.

Best DSLR for: Studio and landscape photography

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Nikon D610 Nikon D610

Street price: £1,184 body only

The Nikon D610 replaces the popular Nikon D600 and does so with great success.

While the Nikon D600 impressed in a host of areas, although unfortunately there were widely reported issues with dust spots on the sensor after a certain amount of shutter actuations.

Not only does the D610 do away with these issues, but it also features an improvement in continuous shooting speed as well as improved AF performance.

Best of all, the D610 still features the impressive image quality for which its predecessor was renowned.

Best DSLR for: Image quality

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  • Evans S Mazi

    Mate it’s all about the best DSLRS of 2015. To be taken serious, one has to argue on facts. Not emotions. D810 came out sometime in July of 2014.

  • Anna

    I personally acknowledge this review. My review about the Nikon D3200 resembles a lot with yours. Heres a link to it :

  • karan

    i am very confused to buy dslr.i want picture quality nd features also.i have seen three models in market 1)nikon d3200 2)sony a58 3) canon 600d.please suggest me which model is best for me.

  • Nizale

    All f the information is not correct, like canon 550d is rebel t2i not t3i, which is 600d.

  • Tony

    The specs you have for the D3200 looks as though they’re the spec for the D100. The D3200 has a 24.2mp sensor.

  • Joseph Sopala

    I was a professional photographer in 1986 and I just bought the d7100 and it has beautiful resolution and speed. The video is perfect and dual memory slot gives you hours of video in full hd. Easy to use and when you hold it in your hand it really feels like a camera. The SB 910 flash with it’s zoom feature gives a wonderful boost in quality. But everyone knows it’s the lighting not the camera.

  • Prasanth

    Hey guys being in may 2013 you’ve left out a great choice. “Nikon D5200” isn’t that worth to be listed here

  • JImmy

    I’m thinking of getting the latest of the Canon EOS Rebel series which is the T5i at

  • tynoo

    I love 5D mark III,how can I.

  • Marc Cohen

    Glad to seee the Nikon D7100 has been included on this list, it is a serious improvement on the d7000, there are loads of video reviews on

  • Chris

    Great reviews! I have a Nikon D3100 as my first dslr and I love it! I have a blog to help people find the best beginner dslrs you should check it out!

  • Christina

    I have the Nikon D3100 it’s great for beginners in my opinion! I also have a DSLR camera overview blog if you would like to check it out

  • M.Akram

    which one is better canon 600D or Nikon D3200 ?! pls anyone answer me

  • Dave

    Thanks,This was great article to read.
    I like Nikon D3200.

  • fluetrolf
  • fluetrolf
  • David Offord

    The Nikon D800 is a truly great camera. I have been using it for the last 4 months. No real downsides but I think the higher (over 2500 ISO) are best avoided if big enlargements with little noise are required. The extra formats are a great help and the menu is easy to navigate.
    I purchased at the original inflated price because the camera was required for a job I had to do but within days of completing that the price had come down by £500 and if it were not for my arthritis I would now be kicking my self. Buy now I say before some accountant puts the price up again.

  • Fred

    A very important point omitted regarding the cheaper cameras… only the Pentax K-30 has a pentaprism viewfinder. The rest have crummy pentamirror viewfinders. Also, the Pentax has in-body image stabilization, whereas the Canon and Nikon rely on the lenses to do that (added bulk, weight and cost).

    The Pentax is also the only one to offer frond and rear control dials.

  • ann

    I’d like a digital camera with viewer and manual lens. Is this possible??

  • Sutton Rigg

    The D3200 is an excellent camera, like the D3100 on steroids…or at least working out and taking lot of vitamins and supplements. It is very much like the D3100 with almost twice the resolution. Both cameras soot beautiful pictures, and anyone would be happier with either camera. Now would be an excellent time to buy a factory refurb or used D3100 with the 18-55 kit lens. I have seen them selling for less than $40.00. That, my friends, is a screaming bargain..

    I use a camera to take pictures, and not video, so video has not been used by me on either camera, but pictures are what this camera does best. And to be totally honest, I think the only thing that really holds the D3200 back is the lens. This camera deserves the best lens you can afford. The kit sen(s) are fine to get up and running, and to determine what focal lengths you will need in the future. I have heard several pro photographers say you really only need to carry two lens in your camera bag, and if that is the case, both lens will probably cost more than the camera body..I would think you could use one zoom lens, maybe a 18-135mm and one telephoto lens, probably a 300mm one. But that is me. Your lens might need to be different. Having shot both cameras, I have to admit that the 3200 is a better camera than the 3100, but only by a small margin. Both are remarkable cameras for the casual photographer, and I would not hesitate to buy either. I was torn between going Canon or Nikon, but in the end chose Nikon because that is what is use to shoot in 35mm film cameras, and I have a friend who is a true pro, and he shoot Nikon. I like the look and feel of the Nikon much better than the competition. I like the way the buttons and menus are arranged on the Nikon, they seem more intuitive to me…and the competition just feel cheap and out of balance in my hands. I must admit that I have seen absolutely beautiful shots from both brands and don’t think you would be totally unhappy with either. I just think Nikon is the better camera for me.

  • steve

    wish id paid a few hundred more and avoided my Fuji HS30 EXR…

  • herbhalstead

    for 2012, I;d recommend the T3i – best bang for the buck…

  • johan

    Great reviews , i agree with most of your opinions ,from entery level to advanced , thank you .

  • Tom

    IMHO the best digital SLR is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2

  • Idiot Police

    there’s two t’s in shitty you window licking, complaining dribbler

  • mohammed

    who about the nikon d7000 as I saw the review of ur site I think it’s the best price and the best spec. it’s wins in alot of reviews what do u think ?? thanks alot for such a cool site

  • Oneeye

    i think the cameras look very pretty

  • satyam joshi

    where’s the best choice,Camera of the year 2011 Canon 550D(Entry level Dslr)…!!!!

  • complain

    I have never see such a shity page on camera reviews ever in the web, not in my 20 years pro photography!

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  • Dandan

    where’s the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
    and 5D Mark 2. The article only contains and describes semi pro cameras. The most expensive one on this list is the 7D which also is a semipro camera geesh!

  • Michael MAL Photography

    This article is dumb, Why are you recommending the K7 over the K5? Also why isn’t the D7000 on the list, when the more expensive and old D300s is?

  • Boopstersview

    I am upgrading from a Panasonic bridge camera to a DSLR. I’m aiming at mid range rather than beginner so that I have room to expect. What would you recommend. I fancy Nikon D5100 or D90 what do you recommend and why? Or do you recommend any other models, more value for money and room to grow. Your advice muchly appreciated. BoopstersView

  • Glyn

    Have been considering purchasing a Sony A900, can anyone advise if this is the best option for the money

  • seven de

    7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D

  • jeremy
  • Bigdaveg40

    The 500d is older tech, the 550d is very highly regarded and the 600d is the lastet incarnation.

    The Nikon is classed as entry level, whereas the 550d/600d are mid level, imho given the price of the 550d/600d I do wonder if both camera’s are surplus given the price of the 60d.

    As well as Canon’s pricing (less than £100 between 600d & 60d)burst rate seems disappointing, even the ageing Sony A500 can easily out pace the brand new 600d, and that’s without mentioning the SLT’s or new A580 (10 & 7fps).

    The Nikon 5000d is also a very highly rated camera, with a lot of D90 bits used, however battery life, and unless it’s changed recently; a lack of a d5000 Nikon battery grip, and lens issue hamper the D5000. Pricing also seems strange given that the difference between a d500O with 18-105 is just £65 cheaper than the D90 & yet the D3100 the “base” model is just £30 cheaper than the D90 ?????.

    Because of Nikon and Canon’s pricing it’s probably better to spend a little bit extra and either get a Nikon D90 or a Canon 60d.

  • chasing me

    which is better nikon d3100 or canon 500d confused on what to buy.. any advice with the two slr? thanks

  • David Blakemore

    I’m looking at starting my own company, the photography I’m looking at doing is commercial and events etc. Can anyone reccomend a good camera to start with, with a rough budget of £1000. I have been looking at the Lumix G2, or the GH2 but any help would help.

  • utpal

    Canon 550D is far better than 500D

  • Mary Kelly

    what about the canon eos 450 d how is that rated why is it not mentioned in the mid price dslr s

  • Don

    any info on the Nikon D3100 ??

  • BigD

    More to the point: where are the BEST high end-mid range cameras; the D90 & 50D.

    Still an excellent guide ?.

    Hopefully WDC will set the record straight with a “decent & totally” unbiased Summer Special this year ?.

  • Dang

    where is canon 550d here?

  • BigD

    Really excellent guide ?, only if you own a Canon or Nikon.

    John it’s a WDC thing, & sadly something that regularly occurs :-(

    Bet if the A500/A550 & KX had a different badge they’d have got a mention 😉

  • john rudolph

    You named every mid-priced DSLR except the Sony A550/A500 and the Pentax KX. What’s up??

  • sindhu

    really excellent guide

  • BigD

    Mid Price Range, LOL, Sony A380 not a patch on the A500 / A550.

    A500 = £441 (JESSOPS cashback price).

    A550 = £560

    Both the above & the A450 are comparable with Nikon & Canon models (price, tech, noise control & ability, apart from the much used video modes ;-). I certainly would’nt want to grip an A380 all day, then there’s the burst rate, noise control etc,etc,etc.

    Did’nt the A330 (not mentioned above) beat the A380 ?

  • Nasi

    I like to buy a cheap digital camera but reliable so I will be use to use it for business purposes, can you help? There are some for 49.00 on sale, is it really reliable?

  • Anonymous

    Fix your prices, these are all way off. Just follow your own links to Park Cameras…

  • Mubashir khan


    Mah budget is 26000 rupees .I want to buy a really good Dslr.Plese suggest