Eight new colours of the Pentax K-x are now available for the first time in Europe

Pentax’s budget DSLR, the K-x is now available in an extra eight colours pushing the number of available colours to 12. The camera, already out in Black, Pearl White, Red and Navy, now also comes in Beige, Chocoloate, Metal Fuchsia, Pink, Metal Turquoise, Metal Dark Grey, Olive green, and Soft brown. The Pentax K-x features a 12.4MP CMOS sensor, HD video, and an ISO range of up to 12,800 and comes with an 18-55mm kit lens.

The new colours will be available from March, priced £599.99


 Pentax K-x colours small

The new eight colours of the Pentax K-x


Pentax K-x colours small 

The full range of the Pentax K-x, in 12 variations



  • James

    I think coloured cameras are a great idea for the younger photographer who doesn’t like the boring black dslr cameras on the market, as long as the camera company don’t waste time on perfecting a stylish camera by compensating for the actual picture quality then i think this is an ok idea. and yes you can purchase different coloured lenses.

  • Kelwin Goh Kwan Win

    Is Pentax launching colorful lens too? It’ll be weird using a camera with a different color lens.

  • Marco.

    With K-X, K20D and K7 I think Pentax has the range beginner-interm-avdanced covered… this proves you don’t need 8 cameras like Sony…

  • Geoff Webb

    These are vile. Why doesn’t Pentax focus on expanding their range instead of bringing out tacky colour variations of the same camera?