Sony has bolstered the

translucent mirror range  with the

launches of the A65 and A77. The latter offers the fastest burst rate of any

APS-C sized sensor removable lens model at 12fps. Both also boast a 24.3MP

sensor and a host of impressive features.

The Sony A77 somewhat

apes the features of the newly announced NEX-7 CSC model by offering an OLED

viewfinder as well. This 2.3 million dot display option gives the user the

advantages of the OLED technology as well as an impressive resolution. The 3″

LCD screen can also be rotated through the horizontal and vertical axes via a

hinge, making the camera impressively versatile on the display front.

Having a 12fps burst

rate will also make the A77 a head-turner, giving sports photographers an

impressive tool at their disposal. The A65 is no slouch either, with a 10fps

burst rate available. Both have the same 24.3MP sensor with the BIONZ

processing engine and, on the A77, an ISO range of 100-16000.

These features certainly

put both models into the company of a number of mid-range traditional DSLRs

such as the Canon EOS 60D and Nikon D7000. Full HD movie mode shot at 1080p

gives videographers something to shout about as well.

The A77 and A65 will both

be available in October, a price has yet to be announced.

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  • Simon Trott

    Yes i totally agree this camera is the DOGS B**LOX if i may say so.I have a D7000 and I am getting into my photography and want to make a career from it,I am thinking of buying another camera,I was thinking the new D800,But i want a full frame camera an was told this is a crop censored camera,But sony have raised that bar really high.lets see how nikon react to this camera,It’s a bit late to try and change things on the new camera launches,But got to say this camera is brilliant,I dont know how long it will be before nikon or canon try and catch sony up,Think i might try sony its under £2000 as well,But sony need to invest in great lenses to now …

  • Rob Ellis

    This totally blows the socks off things like the canon 60d and d7000!
    Sony have totally raised the bar for enthusiast level cameras here for sure in my opinion, they’ve basically fitted a Canon 1Ds mkiii, 1Dmkiv, 5Dmkii, Nikon D3x and d3s into a Canon 60D size body, genius stuff!
    With the shining reviews of the OLED viewfinder so far it’ll only be a matter of time before the Canikon crowd switch sides in my opinion 🙂

    Very interested to see Canon and Nikons reaction to this, if they go with the reflex mirror style camera and still somehow get the same specs, youre looking at very expensive alternatives…