The most interesting new feature however is the inclusion of a new Hybrid viewfinder, which enables users to instantly switch between a bright, high quality optical viewfinder (with a 0.5 magnification) and an electronic viewfinder with full shooting data, offering users the best of both worlds.

The X100 offers full manual exposure controls via traditional dials on the magnesium allow top plate, as well as auto, and can also shoot HD movies.

The Fujifilm X100 will be released for sale early next year, though there is no news of price yet.

For more information see the official Fujifilm announcement on the next page.

 Fujifilm X100

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  2. 2. FUJIFILM announces development of Digital Camera FinePix X100
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  • Rennifer

    I love reading these articles because theyÂ’re short but inrfomtaive.

  • Bertie

    David wrote: ‘no other camera manufacturer does colour and dynamic range like Fuji ..’

    Agree on the dynamic range but I think Kodak has it for colour.

  • eric

    i have beeeeen longing for this

  • laurence

    @david “no other camera manufacturer does colour and dynamic range like Fuji” i think that’s where this camera might disappoint. the x100 uses a cmos, where as a camera like the s5 pro used a ccd. the impressive dynamic range came from a merged double scan and i haven’t seen this technique being advertised in any of the specs. an interesting feature however is the hd video, i’m interested in seeing how fuji handles this in terms of data rate, compression, ect. this camera might be a good indicator as to a possible s6 pro. fingers crossed!

  • T Carpenter

    I am a big fan of rangefinder camera’s, I still use my Contax G2 (its film for all those digital only buffs) and love the experience. The Fuji x100 is a very nice camera but looking at the lens housing is there a screw mount for filters, if not a big big mistake by Fuji

  • David

    a potential dream camera. fixed 35mm and 12mp APS-C sensor housed ina beautiful Leica styled rangefinder body. no other camera manufacturer does colour and dynamic range like Fuji …personaly I’m very excited about this camera.

  • anon

    the gentleman in the interview part of the clip is an imbecile, why would you ask a company rep if the combination of lens and sensor matching would improve picture quality. why not ask a real question like for example, how do you think the camera will be received amongst its target audience?.. why?
    oh and a second note. when people are speaking english as a second language, speak clearly. not slowly.
    @two cute dogs – leica wont bat an eyelid over this, what they have is build quality that costs, you cant get that on a sub 1k camera nothing to worry bout. anyways the x1 looks entirely different.
    i am pretty excited about this to just go back to basics with photography and to step away from having to drill into menus on digi cams.

  • Col

    Zuiko is Olympus’ brand name, they might get a bit touchy about Fujifilm using it. Fuji have a reputation as lens maker that is just as good. Why else would they be manufacturing lenses for Hasselblad?

  • twocutedogs

    leica should be up in arms about this. biggest design copy i have ever seen

  • evert

    Leica has one.

  • Peter

    Having been an Olympus FT user most of my adult life, I eagerly bought their new traditionally-styled EP1 camera when it was released. I am beginning to wonder,however,and I shall be looking over the new Fuji asap….

  • Patrick Wilson

    Be the ultimate camrea if it took interchangeable lenses

  • Wayne

    The finishing touch would have been for this camera to have had their top of the range Zuiko lens fitted?

  • KimPortugal

    For those interested more in photo journalism than any other style of photography this is the camera to aim for.
    If it has a good low light performance i don’t see the need to opt for an interchangeable lens camera…

  • Bernard Roughton

    How exactly does this focus? Do we have to use the rangefinder or can it be over-ridden for full auto focus?

  • George

    At 1K.. this is the holy grail.. cannot wait, at last a camera that also gives the me back the simplicty of a film camera,, whoopee.

  • Barrie

    I am very interested in this camera and I am an M9 user with lenses, I bet that if Fuji come up with the goods I will not be the only M9 user wanting to buy it, my 35mm is the most used lens on my M9.

  • Alex

    This is the camera i’ve been waiting for- everthing the Leica X1 should have been, I used to own a Fuji 645 AF and it was fantastic, also a Hexar AF, this seems to be the digital remake of that wonderful camera- hope the price isn’t too high though.

  • joel

    this is still a fuji finepix with a fixed focal lens. fuji was smart to give it a retro-ish shell, as there will no doubt be a lot of fashionista photo geeks wanting to be early adopters, but is this a decent value at all for ~$1700USD?

  • jose

    That Fujifilm is showing Leica how to properly do a XXI century rangefinder is inspiring. That this lecture is taking place in their home turf is wonderfully ironic. Leica, wake up!

  • RichMonster

    That looks super cool! I think it might have to be purchased!