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Ricoh PX review - Value 

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While the PX may not be the cheapest waterproof compact currently available, its sub-£200 price tag does make it cheaper than a number of its immediate competitors. True, its waterproof capabilities are more limited than others, and there's no freeze or crushproofing as there is with certain Olympus models, but the omission of these probably won't concern those who simply want something a little more rugged than the norm. 

Ricoh PX review - Verdict

The PX is priced and built well for a waterproof compact and it performs to a satisfactory standard in and out of the water, but image noise and the low quality of the camera's LCD screen are the biggest downsides.

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Design 17/20
Image Quality 16/20
Performance 16/20
Value 17/20
Features 17/20
Overall Score 83%

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