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Ricoh GR Review - The Ricoh GR has been developed as the successor to the GR DIGITAL IV. It boasts an APS-C sized sensor and 18.3mm f/2.8 fixed lens


Our rating:  93%

The CX series of Ricoh cameras is now in its sixth iteration, with updates to the series arriving with a defined regularity. The CX6 arrives with the characteristic level of…


Our rating:  87%

With a fast fixed focal length lens, functional design and full manual control, as well as Raw image capture, the Ricoh GR Digital IV impresses on paper. The question is,…


Our rating:  89%

Sealed against water, dust, dirt and shock, the Ricoh PX distances itself from its rivals with a stylish minimal design. What Digital Camera investigates whether the PX's images are just…


Our rating:  83%

Ricoh's CX5 features a specification befitting a advanced compact camera and a price-tag to match. But does it improve on the previous generation, the Ricoh CX4, enough to warrant the…


Our rating:  86%

The CX4 is the latest advanced compact in the CX range from Ricoh. It has an eye-catching specification, but does it offer enough to compete with the big guns?


Our rating:  88%

Ricoh's latest CX model features an improved sensor, but does that mean improved results?


Our rating:  89%

The Ricoh GXR 24-72mm f/2.5-4.4 lens unit is the second of Ricoh's current GXR lenses. The What Digital Camera GXR 24-72mm review sees how it shapes up...


Our rating:  78%

The Ricoh GXR is an entirely new concept camera with interchangeable all-in-one lens-and-sensor units. What Digital Camera reviews the 50mm f/2.5 macro lens unit...


Our rating:  79%

Judging from Ricoh's CX2, in-camera HDR may just be the next big thing? The What Digital Camera Ricoh CX2 review...


Our rating:  90%

With a fast wideangle lens and a high-resolution LCD, is this the ultimate luxury compact?


Our rating:  91%

The Ricoh CX1, with a 9.29MP CMOS sensor, Smooth Imaging IV engine and Dynamic Range Double Shot mode. It may fit the bill as a luxury compact, but is this…


Our rating:  86%

The Ricoh R10 has a new design and bigger LCD than the R7, but little else that excites. The Ricoh R10 review tests this camera...


Our rating:  84%

Raw recording and a superb EVF are standout points....


Our rating:  83%

The new Ricoh Caplio R7 replaces the R6 after just six months on the shelves


Our rating:  88%

Ricoh impresses with the sexy slimline design of the 7MP R6 model.


Our rating:  87%

A high-end 10MP compact with a wideangle zoom and the world's first removable electronic viewfinder


Our rating:  90%