Good Service Awards

About the Good Service Awards

Where is the best place to buy a camera? Who can provide you with the right information, the right products and at a good price?

The Good Service Awards aim to answer these questions by presenting photography retailers who stand out from the rest with an award. From this you can work out where to shop for your photography equipment and find out where you will be treated as a valued customer.

See our list of the 2014 winners.

VOTING HAS NOW OPENED for the 2015 Good Service Awards. Vote NOW for your favourite retailer.

A good camera store or website is not just based on price. You need a retailer that is reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. A company that understands the needs of a photographer and that makes the buying process simple. We've all heard stories, or experienced first hand, stores that slip up at these simple requirements and it's for this reason we need to reward and celebrate those that do it well. To act as an example to others, and to ensure we get decent service next time. Every year we ask our readers and web visitors to rate the service they have received both online and on the high street between one and ten. At the end of each year we tally these scores and give each store that received more than 100 votes an average score.

We've also introduced optional questions for voters to give further comment. This will help us determine who has really achieved an A* grade and give commendation to those that really deserve praise. There's even an option to name a member of staff that you feel deserves an extra pat on the back. This puts the power in your (the readers and shoppers) hands and you have the authority to act as a mystery shopper every time you buy a piece of photography equipment and then tell us about it here!

We've taken the good service level a notch higher, and now only present retailers with a coveted Good Service Award if they achieve over 90% positive feedback - think Michellin Stars but for photography!

The companies listed on the following pages have all received Good Service Awards for their scores in 2013/4 and have therefore been deemed good places to shop by you, our readers.

So next time you're looking to make a purchase, consider using one of our recommendations and then come back and rate the service you receive for next year's awards.




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