Your bite-sized summary of this week's photography news

Altek LeoThis week we’ve been getting more and more interested in how the future will pan out for photography, from displays through to camera phones. Altek has decided to forgo the usual form factor of the mobile phone and introduce a whacking great lens onto the 14MP Leo, giving it a 3x optical zoom in the process. Putting it in your pocket might be a touch more tricky though.

SonyOLEDOn the flipside the Sony rollable OLED is all about form and function, with the paper thin displaycapable of showing high-res photos and being stored within a pocket. This could mean that digital cameras will get even thinner, or a digital photo frame stored within a biro.

Elsewhere Editor Nigel Atherton appeared on BBC 2’s Working Lunch to talk about all the new cameras that are being released, including the headline-grabbing Sony NEX-5. Fuji and Canon released firmware updates for the HS10 and Eos 5D mk II to correct small issues with Raw processing and display problems.