A returning roundup of all the news from this week

This week has been somewhat varied in the world of photography, as we’ve seen some interesting developments and new technology breaking through.
Pentax 645D first look
The Pentax 645D made a visit to the office, presumably on a working visa, as it still hasn’t been officially announced as available in this country. Even though it was a pre-production model the team were duly impressed, and can’t wait to get their hands on it.
Sony NEX-5 firmware upgraded
Sony also released the firmware for the NEX-5 to capture a 3D panoramic image, so those lucky enough to have a compatible TV will be able to view them in three dimensions.
GE X-5 released in UKGE’s X5 bridge camera is finally hitting these shores for the princely sum of £130, and should even be making an appearance in the WDC office before long.
Solar Strap concept
Finally a touch of innovation combining portable power and camera support, as designer Weng Jie shows off a concept for the Solar Strap which charges the camera battery via the sun’s waves.