Free guide and Photoshop template to make your own advent calendar this Christmas

1. Download the Photoshop template

Advent calendar template2. Open the template in Photoshop.

3. Edit any part of the template you want to change.

You will see that the template is made up of a number of editable layers, click the eye icon by each to turn them on and off and see what is on each layer.

What’s each layer for?

Cut and fold guide – squares that make up the doors on the front of your calendar. Score along the lines and fold along the dots.

Advent numbers, a folder containing all of the numbers. You can change which numbers appear on each door, the font used, and colour each number so that it is visible over the colours of the image you choose to add in your calendar.

Replace with your image – swap the image here, with one of our own choosing, just upload to Photoshop, copy to the page, and then re-size to fit, if needed, by selecting ‘Edit’ – ‘Free transform’ and dragging it to the correct size.

Your images – a folder to add your images that will appear behind each door.

Your images guide – Turn off the other layers, by clicking the eye icon by each of them so that only this layer displays. You can lay the images you want to appear behind each door over the yellow squares. Resize the images to the right size by selecting ‘Edit’ – ‘Free transform’. If you can see any of the yellow box underneath, then the image is too small for the door.

4. Print two copies on thick paper or card.

Print one copy with just the bottom layer showing, with your images that will appear behind each door showing. This will be the back part of the calendar.

Print one copy with the top image, doors and numbers showing. This will be the front of the calendar. 

5. Score along each door, using a ruler and scalpel.

(Be careful not to cut yourself!). Leave the dotted lines uncut, as these will be where the doors fold back.

6. Stick the two layers together.

You may want to print a trial version and open the doors to see how the images look behind the doors.

7. Give your calendar to someone!