Is this concept for a solar panel neck-strap the way of the future?

Imagine being able to charge your camera’s battery while you’re walking without having to exude any effort while doing so. This is the main concept behind the Solar Camera Strap design concept by Weng Jie.
This impressive-looking strap has a panel covering the outside, and a DC power connection at the camera end. By sending the power through to the camera the battery can be charged while being carried, so there’s less need to swap batteries or try and preserve power while out for the day. The likelihood of a battery being full charged by solar power, even on a sunny day, isn’t particularly high but this concept could give the battery a boost at the very least.  
Hopefully this concept will become a reality at some point, as a battery running out of charge is one of the most frustrating issues to befall a photographer. For more information on the strap head to