What Digital Camera speculates what new releases will be found at PMA 2010 in Anaheim...

As we get set to descend on PMA 2010 at the convention centre in Anaheim, the sky over California has opened up – it seems we won’t just be awash with camera releases but some soggy attire to. Good job that PMA’s an indoor event then. But what, apart from some drizzle, can we hope to find at this year’s show…?

Speculation’s a tricky one for PMA this year. It seems with CES 2010 now passed that many manufacturers chose to show cameras there amid the myriads of other tech on display. But PMA – the Photo Marketing Association show – strips it all back to photographic-fare only. All the big names are here, but the question is what the significant releases will be. Canon’s EOS 550D DSLR has already been unveiled, alongside a wide series of spring-range compacts and the release of the high-end 1D mkIV that was shortly followed Nikon’s unveiling of the D3s. Sony has the Alpha a450 DSLR and its first waterproof Cyber-shot compact. Numerous other manufacturers have released spring-range products too. So, with so much already on the table, what meaty extras are being kept behind closed doors for the time being?

With Micro Four Thirds sales rising considerably it’s entirely possible that a further competitor system will be announced, much akin to the Samsung NX system. Whether, or if at all, that will come from one of the three major manufacturers (Sony, Canon, Nikon) remains to be seen; if anything is to fruition of course.

Elsewhere, and off the back of 2010’s ‘3D promise‘, it’s a wonder if any brand will have had the development time to produce a competitor to Fuji’s 3D camera. Although nothing’s confirmed, with Sony shouting loudly about 3D TV it would seem that 3D capture in the form of a camera and/or camcorder is the next step.

Elsewhere there are likely to be many more quiet gems, but the only guarantee for now, or so it seems, is for some more rain!