The PDF or Adobe Acrobat format is a unique file type in that it allows almost any computer user over the globe to view documents (including slide shows or presentations) in much the same way irrespective of the machine or operating system they are using.

PDF documents are displayed via a free reader available from the website. This means that Macintosh devotees, Windows users and those boffins who love Linux can all view your presentations in high quality and with good colour rendition. This is one of the reasons why photographers regularly produce slide shows of their best images and save them off in this format before distributing them to their friends and clients. Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements have PDF Presentation utilities designed to combine several images into a single, simple PDF based slide show.


01 Start by either multi-selecting thumbnails in Bridge and then choosing the feature from the Tools > Photoshop menu, or opening the feature from the File > Automate menu in Photoshop and then Browsing for the images to be included.  


02 Using the controls in the PDF Presentation dialogue that opens, you can add or remove pictures included in the presentation, order the sequence they are displayed (just change the position in the file list), apply transitions styles and adjust timing between individual slides.


03 With the options selected, the whole sequence is then saved as a self-running slideshow. The resultant PDF file can be saved to disk or CD or even uploaded to the web ready for online viewing. 

In Photoshop:
File > Automate > Pdf Presentation
or Tools > Photoshop > PDF Presentation (in Bridge) 

In Photoshop Elements:
File > New > Slide Show and then Output > Save as a File – PDF file.