Test out the whole Nikkor range

If you’re the owner of a DSLR, the chances are that one of the main items on your shopping list is some form of new lens. It’s all very well having a long list of potential purchases lined up, but unless you’re experience in using all the different focal ranges, it can be quite difficult to visualise what the various focal lengths offer. There’s also the potential confusion that a full-frame body combined with non-full frame lens could cause, and vice versa. The good news is that if you’re a Nikon user, there’s now a handy tool to aid your decision.

The Nikkor Lenses simulator allows the user to select from three scenes, and then zoom in and out to varying focal lengths, in either the FX or DX format of lens or body. Once you achieve the image you want, it’s then possible to bring up all the lenses that fit the bill, as well as the bodies available (ie. either FX or DX format sensors).

Even if you’re not a Nikon user, the tool is great for getting a good idea and understanding of focal ranges, and if you are a Nikon user it’s bound to make that choice of the next lens for you a touch easier. Why not give it a spin today?