A flickr user's journey around Japan armed with no more than a 3MP smart phone

The emergence of the iPhone as a popular imaging device is something we’ve highlighted recently, and the improved camera functionality of the iPhone 3GS has only served to hasten this. More and more eye-catching images are appearing on the intent captured by the 3MP smart phone. Always a good place to gauge the current photographic landscape, flickr recently saw the iPhone become the single most popular camera in its community, and refreshingly the images uploaded aren’t all of drunken nights out and pet cats…

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A recent post of the flickr blog highlights chasingjackets‘ photographic adventures around the streets of Japan armed with little more than an iPhone and an eye for a good photo. Not only are the excellent images a sign of abilities of the iPhone, but also goes to show that you don’t need the latest high-end kit to get impressive images.