The American tradition is firmly rooted in these shores too - but how can you make the most of this annual shopping extravaganza. Have a read of our tips below.

Black Friday started in the US, and is just one of the country’s imports to make its way across the pond.

You may have read in the media about stampedes in certain shops last year as customers desperate to bag a bargain launched all out feuds to pick up hot products.

This year, it’s estimated that over 1 billon pounds will be spent online on Black Friday – the first time that a single day is thought to have tipped the tills over the £1bn mark. There’s also big numbers predicted for Cyber Monday (30th November) too.

There’s a lot of frenzy surrounding the day which can make you think that you absolutely have to buy something in case you miss out on a deal. Here are some tips to get the most out of the day, if you’re looking for something this year either for yourself or as a gift.

On Black Friday itself (27 November), we’ll be sharing the best camera and photographic deals we can find in a constantly updated page – so make sure you come back then.

Shop Around

It’s true any time of year, but especially true on Black Friday. Some retailers will have better offers than others, while some, such as John Lewis, are offering to match any deal price that you find. Double check that the offer you’ve seen isn’t being beat by another retailer.

Have a price and product in mind

Sometimes a discount just isn’t enough. If you’re in the market for something new, but have a strict budget, don’t be tempted to go above it just because you’ve seen a deal on Black Friday. Sometimes the deals will be even better once the Christmas period has passed – if you can wait until then, save your pennies (especially if it’s not a gift). Better yet, decide on a product you want before Black Friday and don’t just panic buy the first camera related product you see in a bid to grab the best price.

Think to yourself: Do I really need this?

With page upon page of Black Friday deals to peruse through, it can be tempting to end up buying something to feel like you’ve made the most of your time. While it’s a great day to pick up bargains on things you actually need, don’t be tempted to buy something just because it’s on offer unless you think you’re actually going to get some use out of it. Do you need another set of new memory cards, or do you already have enough? Do you need the latest camera, or is the one you’re using serving you just fine? Again, waiting until the January sales can also be beneficial if you’re buying for yourself.

Check back often

Some sites, like Amazon, are releasing new deals throughout the week leading up to Black Friday, while other sites will be updating their deals throughout the day on Black Friday. Don’t assume that the deals you see today (or at the beginning of Black Friday) are all that are available. If you’re really keen to bag a bargain, check back every couple of hours (or more…) to get the latest.

Combine with cash back offers

At this time of year, several camera manufacturers are offering cameras and accessories with added cash back incentives. So long as you purchase your camera from a recognised retailer (see individual manufacturer websites for more details) you should be able to claim cashback. That could sway you from one model to another depending on the amount of cash back on offer, or the Black Friday deal, or the best combination thereof.  If we spot any good Black Friday deals that combine well with cash back offers, we’ll include them in our roundup on Friday.


Don’t forget, that this Friday, you can also get half price subscriptions to Amateur Photographer and What Digital Camera.

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