Hour-long episode captured with DSLR

The addition of video modes in DSLRs caused outcry in some sections of the photographic community at first. A sentiment widely held was that video cameras were for video, and that DSLRs were for stills.

However, as these video modes have improved, the uptake of DSLRs for high-profile filming tasks has increased. The latest to adopt DSLRs for a headline filming tasks has been Greg Yaitanes, director of the award-winning TV show House.

The finale of the current series, aired last night in the USA, was shot entirely on the Canon EOS Mk.II, paired with Canon EF lenses. All the footage was captured, as expected, on compact flash cards, while the whole filming process for the episode took just 10 days.

UK viewers will have to wait a little while to see the episode in full, but check out the preview from Fox below to see the stunning results the 5D Mk.II is capable of.