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Special offers on Litepads

£240 off a LITEPAD Gaffer kit
£150 off a LITEPAD Quick Kit
£100 off a LITEPAD Gold kit
£60 off a LITEPAD Silver kit
£30 off a LITEPAD Bronze kit

Redeem either in store, online or over the phone by simply quoting the code: SR/BSG

Redeemable from all Flash Centre or Calumet stores, UK only

Quote SR/BSG

Lite Pad FlowersLitePad is a slim profile light that creates a soft, even source of light. Its small form factor and light weight make LitePad perfect for use in many locations where larger conventional luminaries simply cannot fit.

LitePad is a simple, fast, and economical solution for film, video and still photography applications, as well as a diverse range of projects in theatre, scenery, architecture or retail lighting.

For further details of LitePads see the Rosco website

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