Overview of different features you might choose for your camera.

HD Movie

Shoot video at 720 or 1080 resolution to go on a big screen TV

Large LCD

A big screen (at least 3″) at the back of the camera to frame or review your image

Manual controls

Take control of shutter speed, aperture and focus in order to have more choice in how your images turn out

Wide angle lens

Get more in your shot with a wide angle lens

Burst mode

Take more photos per second with a fast burst mode


Take your camera to the beach without worrying about splashes

Image Stabilisation

Keep a long zoom steadier with optical image stabilisation, to prevent fuzzy, out of focus, images

Built-in viewfinder

When the sun is shining on the LCD using a built in viewfinder can help massively

Flip out screen

Take self-portraits and low angle shots far more easily by fipping out the screen so you can still see it

Built-in stabilisation

Instead of having to buy expensive stabilised lenses try a camera with the stabilisation built in

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