rnI am looking for a digital camera to take on a trip round the world. It must run on AA batteries so that itu2019s easy to charge up or get more batteries u2013 unless thereu2019s a cracking deal or really good reason not to. Iu2019ve heard that Compact Flash is a good route to go down. Is this true? rnIf I got two 256MB cards, could I go round downloading them onto CD wherever I went? Does the Fuji u2018doublingu2019 effect of their 4th generation CCD HR really work? Can you turn a 2MP camera into a 4MP just like that? If so, I would be inclined to go for one of those. My girlfriend has a mju 300, but it seems very complicated. rnI have an Nikon F65 at the moment, but fear the cost of films and developing would be silly compared to buying a digital and only printing what I really like.rn

Your girlfriend?s Olympus Mju 300 is actually a relatively simple camera to operate! The AA battery-powered equivalent from Olympus is the Olympus C-350Z. It?s slightly larger and has a plastic body rather than a metal one, but is cheaper and has a larger screen. Image quality functions are practically the same.
As both use xD cards you could swap cards when you needed to. The other brand that uses xD cards is Fujifilm and its Finepix S5000 would be a good choice as it?s small and light for a camera with a long zoom lens. Resolution charts do conclusively show that there is some measurable benefit in the boosted resolution modes that Super CCD cameras like the S5000 offer. The S5000 has a three-megapixel sensor, but its 6MP output mode shows a resolution similar to that of a typical 4MP camera.
In Europe and the US, many retail photofinishers now have CD-burning facilities. You also might want to consider purchasing a portable hard disk drive with built in card reader, like the Vosonic X?s Drive, for example.