This will help save you printer ink, finds Cliff Smithrn

inksaverPrice: £29.99

*SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 20MB Disk space, 64MB RAM (128MB recommended), Inkjet printer

Printer ink is one of the most expensive resources you?ll have to buy, with new cartridges sometimes costing more than the printer itself, so anything that can reduce the cost has got to be good news. Inksaver 2.0 from Software Imaging helps by controlling the amount of ink your printer uses. For standard documents the manufacturers claim that you can reduce the ink output by as much as 65% without seriously affecting print quality. Printing speed is also not affected. Installation is quick and simple, and the user interface is nice and easy to use. It lets you adjust the level of ink reduction to suit the print job you are doing, and even calculates the amount of money you?ll save, once you?ve input the basic cost of your replacement ink cartridges. If you do a lot of printing, you?ll make back the cost of the program in a matter of weeks. It would be especially useful for schools, clubs and small offices. For text documents and simple colour graphics, it is almost impossible to spot any difference in quality at 65-75% ink output, although blacks do look a bit thin at lower settings. For maximum quality photo prints however, it is best to deactivate InkSaver as it will reduce dot size and ink coverage, reducing the colour saturation of your photo prints. The program is compatible with most currently available popular brands of printer, except for a few Lexmark models, so it?s worth checking with the company on 0800 731351 to make sure it?ll work with yours.

A useful program that will genuinely save you money, and has virtually no effect on print quality under normal use. Just make sure that it works with your printer before buying it.

PROS:Easy to use, effective, genuine savings
CONS: Incompatible with some printers

Features 16
Ease of use 18
Performance 18
Design 17
Value 20