Stuart Miles tests a printer for mobile phone pictures

hp375Price: £188

*Type: 6 x 4 Thermal Inkjet
*Resolution: Up to 4800 x 1200 optimised dpi colour
*Colour Prinitng Technology: Photoret III
*Inks: HP Nos 100,343,344
*Size/Weight: 300 x 200 x233mm/1.2kg

Mobile phone cameras are increasingly popular and printer manufacturers are hoping you might just want to print images you?ve taken on your phone. HP?s answer is the Photosmart 375. On the surface, the printer comes across as another Photosmart 245. Noticeable differences are a tilt-capable screen and a Bluetooth adapter. Bluetooth is supplied as a USB stick that simply sticks out the front of the USB slot designed for PictBridge support. Having put so much effort into the style of the unit it?s a shame this final design element comes across as an afterthought. Bluetooth aside, the printer features support for all current digital camera memory cards, including Memory Stick/MS Pro/MS Duo (with adapter) and xD. While the LCD screen clarity isn?t the greatest in the world, it will suffice for previewing the image to print. Like the 245 it?s toaster-shaped so it?s portable. You are limited to 6x4in prints, and HP includes a pack of paper in the box.We?d rate print quality as very good. HP states that the results will emerge in 60 seconds ? in our test it was more like 90 ? but the ink had dried and was tough enough to take a good beating. Our test involved scratching with fingernails, keys and even giving it to the dog for dessert, and the results have come out unscathed.

Though the 375 will only print at 6x4in, print quality isvery good and it will let you print from your mobile phone provided that the phone supports data rather than just headset connectivity.

PROS:Print quality
CONS:Bluetooth not built-in

Features 16
Performance 16
Ease of use 17
Design 15
Value 18