Title: gkgkgk


£55, Te Neues


Until digital came along most pros relied on Polaroids to get an idea of lighting and composition. These instant prints, with their fingerprints, processing streaks and funny colours were pretty disposable to most people and the majority ended up in the bin once they had done their job, but renowned fashion and beauty photographer Bruno Bisang kept his and has published them in a book which spans his 30-year career. The pictures are fascinating. I won’t lie, it helps that he has a dream job – jetting around the world photographing semi-naked supermodels in exotic locations.

But there’s also something intrinsically interesting about these Polaroids that was largely unappreciated until the medium became obsolete. It’s partly the uniqueness, the sense that each of these shots was a one-off, but also the residual evidence of their photo-chemical process which imbues an aura of craftsmanship. There are many beautiful photographs here, which just goes to prove that the choice of camera can be the least important part of the creative process.