We list the top 5 best shoulder bags for cameras

Shoulder bags for camerasCrumpler New Delhi

Price: £120

The New Delhi is available in a range of sizes and offers a secure carry solution complete with Crumpler’s characteristic quirky design.

BillinghamBillingham 07

Price: £245

Billingham has a host of top-quality shoulder bags boasting classic design, and the three bags in the 07 series are some of the best.

National Geographic ExplorerNational Geographic Explorer

Price: £50

If you’re looking for a camera bag with rustic charm and functionality, then National Geographic’s Explorer could be the one for you.

Lowepro Stealth ReporterLowepro Stealth Repoter

Price: £40

Sometimes it’s safer to have a camera bag that hides the fact it’s a camera bag – the Lowepro Stealth Reporter manages just that.

Tamrac AdventureTamrac Adventure

Price: £16

A whole host of sizes are available in this shoulder bag range from Tamrac, suiting every size of camera configuration.