I receive photos from a studio-based photographer and find that I spend a lot of time colour-correcting sets of images they supply. I am content that my colour-correcting technique is effective, but have concerns that I waste time applying the same corrections to other images. Can you help?

Images captured under controlled lighting conditions lend themselves very well to batch colour-correction. Begin by opening your first image ? this is the file that you will colour-correct to produce a master adjustment that can be subsequently applied to the other images.

Locate the Layers palette (Windows > Layers) and then choose Layer > New > Group. When prompted, name your New Group ?Adjustments?. Click OK.

Now, make your colour adjustments as normal. However, instead of using the menu items located under the Image > Adjustments menu, use the same tools from the Layer > New Adjustment Layer menu instead. If done correctly, any adjustments applied during this phase should automatically be added to the ?Adjustments? folder.

When you are satisfied with your colour correction, open a selection of the other images that require correcting and select Window > Arrange > Tile Horizontally/Vertically to organise them on the screen. With the master image selected, click and drag the ?Adjustments? folder from the Layers Palette onto an uncorrected file. Repeat this exercise until all images are corrected.