Watch our 60 second video review of the Sigma DP2s

Sigma DP2S review: Transcript of video

The Sigma DP2S has a 14MP Foveon sensor comprising 3 layers, each possessing 4.69 million pixels. The camera is also fairly unique in that it has a fixed focal length 41mm lens. Other features include an ISO range between 100 and 800 in standard JPEG capture, which extends up to ISO 1600 and 3200 in Raw capture mode.

However, this latest model does not improve on the original 2.5″ 230K dot LCD of the DP2. The Sigma DP2S’s AF system is definitely improved, but little else differs. Images are just as impressive as the predecessor, though no better but good dynamic tonal range is displayed and very little barrel distortion or fringing is evident due to the quality of the lens.

So in summary, despite the excellent image quality the DP2S ultimately suffers from a high price tag, so we gave it 81%.

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