Panasonic GH1 video user reviews: Videos taken on a Panasonic GH1, by owners of the camera

We’ve scoured the web for some of the more insightful videos showing the Panasonic GH1 video capabilities, taken by owners of the camera. We’ve tried to find a mix that show various features, or problems, from different locations around the world, and a few that show what you can achieve.

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Quick examples of the Panasonic GH1 video


test GH1 – canard from api zoom on Vimeo.

6 second video using the GH1


Birds: Panasonic GH1 from Leandro Lima on Vimeo.

Panasonic GH1 video using stock Lenses 14-140 HD, 1280×720 mode

1 min video of birds, showing the GH1’s video capabilities


Tests of the Panasonic GH1 at different settings

Panasonic GH1 “Stress Test” A from Ted Fisher on Vimeo.

Test to ‘find the camera’s limits’, showing various types of shots.

GH1 Test – Kenmore, WA from Ishibi on Vimeo.

Panasonic GH1 user video, using Stock Lens, AVCHD, 720p60 to 24fps. Stabilization ON, Manual Focus, Some colour correction in Final Cut Pro 7 

Various shots from a park in Seattle

Panasonic GH1 Low light examples


Things around the house (Lumix GH1) from Mik Manov on Vimeo.

Panasonic GH1 low light test with Nikon 50mm lens followed by outdoor test with Kit lens 


Low light test – Panasonic GH1 from Arsalan on Vimeo.

Filmed at 1080i using the kit lens then removed pull down via Virtual dub and converted to 720p in Vegas. Shot in “P” mode with everything on auto. 

Video showing low light capabilities of Canon EOS 550d at a fayre


Out and about with a Panasonic GH1


Love Madrid from TheFilm Artist on Vimeo.

Using many handheld shots and focussing where possible. Also using a polariser filter, camera mic and the articulated LCD screen.

A number of shots captured as the film-maker walked around Madrid


Druids Temple (GH1) from Sneak Preview on Vimeo.

Panasonic Lumix GH1, 14-140

Shots of Druids Temple North Yorkshire UK, showing how the GH1 copes with a snowy scene


Test Panasonic GH1 #1 from Thomas Rouard on Vimeo.

Test shots using the Panasonic GH1 at the horse races


Be inspired, examples of what you can do with a Panasonic GH1

London Timelapse – Lumix GH1 from properniceinnit on Vimeo.

Time lapse film, with photos shot at every 5 seconds at 33 spots around London. Mainly used the GH1 stock lens and a Nikon 50mm f1.4. Put together in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

A nice time lapse film, with some scenes shot very near the What Digital Camera office. 


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All videos purely reflect the experiences of the individual user, and are open to interpretation. For more videos check out Vimeo or YouTube. 

Let us know what you think of this page, as we’re thinking of producing one for each camera with HD video.