Legendary National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg was given unique access to the Nikon D800 ahead of its launch. In this exclusive interview with WDC he shares his first impressions of the new camera

Jim Brandenburg Interview with WDC

One of the world’s

top nature photographers, Jim Brandenburg spent three decades working

for National Geographic. His feature, North Woods Journal, shot in the

wilds around his home in Minnesota, contained the biggest selection of

images in the magazine’s history. His seminal book, Chased by the Light,

spawned an Emmy nominated TV documentary and even an iPad app. He has

produced numerous other books and won many awards and his fine art

prints sell worldwide through his website and galleries.

So it’s

probably not that surprising that when Nikon was looking for someone to

road test their top secret new DSLR, with its revolutionary new 36MP

sensor, they asked Jim. That camera would become the Nikon D800, and in

this interview he talks about his experiences with the new camera.


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