‘Photoshop Evangelist’ Julieanne Kost on how to remain creative and inspired in photography

Title: Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking

Author: Julieanne Kost

ISBN: 0596100833

Publisher: O’Reilly

Edition: Paperback

Review: Julieanne Kost is a ‘Photoshop Evangelist’ at Adobe, a job that entails spending about 200 days of the year flying around the world representing Adobe at talks, seminars, and so forth. This unique and original book puts that air time to good use. It’s partly an action plan for staying creative and inspired, partly a showcase of some stunning images taken through the windows of commercial passenger planes, and partly a technique guide to Photoshop. Although packed with practical advice this very personal book is designed to inspire as much as inform, and I think it does both very well. I’ll certainly be asking for a window seat next time I fly.