Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of the world's most prestigious annual photography contests. This book showcases the jaw-dropping winning shots from 2008

Title: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 18

Author: Intro by Flip Nicklin

ISBN: 1846075815

Publisher: BBC Books

Edition: Hardback

RRP: £25

 Drawing more than 30,000 entries from 82 countries, Wildlife Photographer of the Year has established itself in the photography world as one of the most thought-provoking and emotive photography competitions there is. Every year the final collection of winners and commended entries astounds in both subject matter and setting, often depicting a side of nature and wildlife only a select few would normally ever get to see.
This year’s overall winner, Steve Winter, presents a series of images of the reclusive snow leopard. The animal’s excellent camouflage and high-altitude habitat make the snow leopard notoriously difficult to document, with Steve himself having to inhabit the same habitat for some 10 months before successfully getting the images desired. What’s more, quite often the selected images serve as a timely reminder of the potential devastation the human race is having on Mother Nature, and how long we may have left to capture such images.
One of the main goals of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is, as noted in its mission statement, ‘to raise the status of wildlife photography into that of mainstream art’, and surveying the pages of Portfolio 18 it’s safe to say that they’ve achieved and exceeded this target.

What Digital Camera Rating: 93%