Review of the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Backpack camera bag

Manufacturer: Think Tank Photo
Model: Streetwalker Backpack
Price: $139.99

If anyone was to be able to design a backpack perfectly suited to the everyday needs of a photographer, youʼd hope it would be Thinktank Photo. Comprising a group of professional photographers and high-profile designers, the manufacturer aims to make its bags as accessible as possible, so that you never find yourself missing that perfect photo moment by fumbling around in your bag to find either your camera or lens.


The manufacturerʼs latest bag is designated the ʻStreetwalkerʼ, and boasts slim dimensions suited to urban and crowded environments, and is suited as ʻan international carry-onʼ baggage. As a result of these two compact requirements, the Streetwalker certainly feels a touch narrow on the back, which will be suited to smaller photographers, but could seem a touch on the smaller side for others.

However, for a small bag, the Thinktank definitely provides a whole host of storage areas, such as a pair of zipped side pockets with neoprene outer sleeves, alongside two front pockets – one suited for smaller items and a top pocket providing organiser areas for pens and the like. The inside of the bag features a range of removable dividers, and throughout various orientation provides capacity for anything up to a DSLR with large lens attached.

The zips of the Streetwalker feature a thick covering, while the back itself comes complete with a rain cover. The rear of the bag is also well padded, and the Streetwalker is no doubt comfortable to wear.

Solid build, masses of storage

Narrow design, zips can be fiddly

Our Verdict:
While the narrow vertical profile of the bag may not be to everyoneʼs taste, it provides ample storage and is an excellent bag for lugging around a light load of camera gear.

What Digital Camera Score: 88%