Review of the The Red Pod camera support

Manufacturer: The Pod
Model: The Red Pod
Price: £15

The past few years have seen a steady emergence of tripod alternatives, and The Pod is one such option. Essentially a beanbag that screws into your camera’s tripod bush, it provides support where a tripod would be impractical, and it comes in six varieties to cater for different types of cameras and camcorders.

The bag’s nylon outer assures water-resistance, while its base is lined with a non-slip, vinyl-like material. A Velcro-lined opening in its centre allows you to remove or add the contents, meaning you can vary the tautness to suit whatever surface and camera you happen to be using.

As the screw is bottomed by a small, circular plate, the base of the camera fits against the bag securely, and the beans inside strike a balance between flexibility and a secure hold.

A minor niggle is that no extra beans are provided, nor is there any pouch for any residual beans to go. The non-slip base can also slip on certain surfaces – perhaps small rubber grooves of some sort would remedy this?

Portable, cheap

No pouch, can slip

Our Verdict:
For £15 it’s hard to argue, particularly for those occasions where it’s the only practical option.

What Digital Camera Score: 82%