Renowned photographer John Freeman’s book tackles the popular topic of using light in photography

Title: The Photographer’s Guide to Light

Author: John Freeman

ISBN: 1843400855

Publisher: Collins and Brown

Edition: Paperback

Review: Renowned photographer John Freeman’s latest photographic book tackles the popular topic of utilising light in photography. The book is split into three key areas: The Essentials, The Subjects and Further Techniques. ‘Light’ starts by examining different types of light and how to use them, before offering advice on shooting various photographic genres in natural and artificial light. Adopting a conversational tone suitable for novices, the book is crammed with inspiring photographs, though experienced photographers may bemoan the lack of shooting information. As a colourful, readable introduction to using light ‘The Photographer’s Guides…’ are recommended. This is one of two in a series of books with the other focusing on landscapes.