Review of the Summit Photo Display

Manufacturer: Summit
Model: Photo Display
Price: £110

This first frame from Summit offers a 7inch LCD, memory card slots for six common formats and the ability to play images directly from a camera or USB drive through a supplied adaptor.

It’s simple to put together and set up, and a user-friendly interface recommends it for less technologically savvy users. Images are automatically detected on power-up, and there are nine transition styles to choose from with a interval of between one and 60 seconds. In action the Summit LCD is clean and bright, and although some artefacts are perceptible under close scrutiny, it shouldn’t prompt many complaints if left to do its thing in the corner of a room.

Easy to use and hard to complain about.

Ease of use, good range of transition styles, bright LCD

Displays some unwanted artefacts

What Digital Camera Score: 85%