Review of the Sony SDM-HS95P

Manufacturer: Sony
Model: SDM-HS95P
Price: £399

The Sony SDM-HS95P has all the typical hallmarks of a Sony design statement. By using a novel spring-loaded ‘tail’ and curved ‘chin’ arrangement, this imposing monitor’s backward tilt adjustment can be made with the lightest of touches and yet it remains as solid as a rock. However, the design sacrifices height and forward tilt adjustment. The panel itself is an example of Sony’s X-black glossy surface, and does a better job of retaining uniformity and viewing angle consistency than the NEC 90GX2. However, the non-shiny screens of the others tested are still superior in this respect. After calibration, the SDM-HS95P returned wellsaturated colours and neutral greys, though blues were slightly cyan, while yellows and greens were a bit on the citrus side. The high-contrast screen did make stepping in tonal gradations more apparent and the screen was tiring to view for long periods. No USB connectivity at all is provided and so no PC-control of monitor settings is afforded.

Size: 19 inch
Type: Flat Panel TFT LCD
Native Resolution: 1280X1024DPI
Screen Finish: Shiny black
Built-In Speakers: No
Rotating Portrait Mode: No
USB Hub: No
DVI?: Yes 15 PIN
VGA?: Yes
Viewing Angles: 170º, 170º
Dimensions: 435X418X217MM
Weight: 6.0KG

What Digital Camera Score: 81%