Review of the SmartDisk Photo Bank

Manufacturer: SmartDisk
Model: Photo Bank
Price: £110

Like the Braun Pixel Bank, the SmartDisk Photo Bank is purely a storage device and the most inexpensive unit here.

However, per GB, the Braun unit’s 60GB drive beats the 40GB drive of the SmartDisk, for just £20 extra.

The unit bears a striking resemblance to its Braun rival, with only slight design differences.

The Photo Bank has a full set of card slots and a grey 1.7 inch LCD with no picture viewing options.

There’s one-touch transfer which is quick and simple, and USB 2.0 transfer to PC.

With identical features, design and handling as the Pixel Bank, the Photo Bank loses out to the Braun’s higher capacity at only a slightly lower price. But it has a UK plug.

Capacity: 40GB
LCD: 1.7 inch Mono
Card Slots: SD, CF, SM, MS
File Formats: Storage only
Interface: USB2.0
Dimensions: 115 x 78 x 25mm
Weight: 262g
Power: Li-Ion

Inexpensive storage unit but loses out to the Braun Pixel Bank in terms of features and capacity

One touch transfer

Braun offers a bigger capacity

What Digital Camera Score: 78%