A fantastical and extravagant compendium flora and fauna turned into shoes and handbags

Title: Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy

Author: Michel Tcherevkoff

ISBN:  1599620367

Publisher: Welcome Enterprises

Edition: Hardback 

RRP: £25.00

Dimensions: 96 Pages, 254x254mm

Who’d have thought that a chance encounter with an upturned plant photograph would spawn such a fantastical and extravagant compendium of images? Well, that’s exactly how Shoe Fleur came about. Michel Tcherevkoff had been photographing plants for a client when a turned-upside-down photo provoked the observation that the leaf looked like a shoe. A few digital manipulations later ‘La Premiere’, his first creation, was born. Shoe Fleur’s 96 pages are littered with the fruits of Michel’s extraordinary imagination. ‘Shoes’ for all seasons are on show, along with their uniquely styled accompanying ‘Bags’ in many instances. Each creation consists of several different flora and fauna shot in isolation and then pieced together in the digital darkroom to create dreamlike accessories for one of four ‘collections’ – ‘Fall’, ‘Resort’, ‘Spring’ and ‘Bridal’. Each creation reeks of hours of effort in the digital darkroom, and whether or not the subject matter is necessarily to your liking, Shoe Fleur: a Footwear Fantasy is a masterpiece in originality and creativity. 87%

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