Review of the Samsung 930MP

Manufacturer: Samsung
Model: 930MP
Price: £414

The remote control in the box gave the game away – the Samsung SyncMaster 930MP is actually an LCD TV, but its LCD panel is higher specification than your average LCD TV, and you can connect to your PC via DVI or VGA at a native resolution of 1280×1024. The unit itself is an imposing yet attractive design, with a deep ‘chin’ incorporating a pair of speakers. An easy-to-navigate compass-style OSD controller is situated in the centre of the monitor, just below the screen itself. Both an analogue TV and FM radio tuner are integrated and you can also connect video components, like camcorder or video recorders, etc, via standard connectors, including a SCART port. Only tilt-back adjustment is available. Picture quality wise, the 930MP acquitted itself well, with good directional uniformity and tonal range. A warmish bias was noted and green hues were a bit under-saturated, but nothing serious.

Size: 19 inch
Type: Flat Panel TFT LCD
Native Resolution: 1280X1024DPI
Screen Finish: Non-reflective
Built-In Speakers: Yes
Rotating Portrait Mode: No
USB Hub: No
DVI?: Yes 15 PIN
VGA?: Yes
Viewing Angles: 178º, 178º
Dimensions: 434X437X198MM
Weight: 5.9KG

What Digital Camera Score: 90%