Review of the Reddmango Libra QS650 Digital Photo Frame

Manufacturer: Reddmango
Model: Libra QS650 Digital Photo Frame
Price: £89

Digital photo frames are a convenient way of displaying your digital photos, although the price and quality does tend to vary greatly. This new model sits in the middle of the price range at just under £100. Its styling is modern, with a clear Perspex outer frame and a matt black inner frame that can be changed to silver using the insert provided.

The desk stand is angled so that the frame can be displayed vertically or horizontally, while the interface on the back is provided by a four-way controller plus Enter and Escape keys. On the bottom (in the horizontal position) are slots for all the main media card types, a USB port for download to the internal memory (32MB) from a digital camera or PC, and a mains power terminal.

Display and Audio Options

The frame can display either single images or run a slide show, with or without music (there’s a built-in ‘birdsong’ soundtrack, or you can add your own). Images can be displayed for five or 10 seconds but the 15 different transitions are non user-selectable. There’s no on-board editing or timer functions and no battery option either, but as a basic frame for display on the mantelpiece it has what you need.

That is, except for decent image quality. Pictures look woolly on the screen, which is not so bad with frame-filling portraits but in group shots, for example, where heads are small, it can be hard to make out who is who. The viewing angle, while adequate in the horizontal plane, is limited in the vertical, making the frame difficult to see if your eye-line is above or below it by any more than a few degrees.

A basic photo frame with a limited feature set. Picture quaity is not the best either.

Modern styling

Not the best image quality

What Digital Camera Score: 80%