Review of the Probrella

Manufacturer: Probrella
Price: $29.95 + shipping (Approx. £15 + postage)

We’ve all been there – out in the rain, too scared to take out our camera. But the Probrella – a camera-mounted umbrella – is the answer for those rainy day shooting situations. Screwing into your camera’s tripod bush (with a separate bush allowing you to attach it to your tripod) the Probrella’s 20in diameter brolly is large enough to cover most DSLRs and compacts, and has a fully adjustable, multi-angle design. The umbrella can be extended up to 18in above your camera, and works just as well protecting you from the sun (to avoid lens flare). You can also use it to mount a flash on a tripod, with the Probrella acting as a simple silver brolly.

It’s versatile, useful and the price is great. Be warned, passers-by will stop and stare!

What Digital Camera Score: 83%