Review of the Premierlight PL-7

Manufacturer: Premierlight
Model: PL-7
Price: £30

If you’re a keen landscape photographer, you probably get up at the ‘crack-o-sparras’, wander through muddy fields in pitch black and wait for the light. So you need a torch. The Premierlight PL-7 could mount a challenge to the Maglite supremacy. These high-grade aluminium torches offer even LED illumination, with a central red LED for providing illumination without disturbing animals. If you get into trouble the white LEDs can be set to send an SOS signal out, with a claimed two-mile visibility. Supplied with a belt holster, it’s compact and tough, and battery life seems very long.

A cracking little torch to light the way with.

Small, well made, long battery life

Not the cheapest option

What Digital Camera Score: 85%