Get great classic railway images with these top tips…

• Research your location – look for bridges, viaducts and rivers that may be able to be part of the picture. Visit it in advance if possible. There is often lots of information available via the web.

• Beware of unchecked lineside vegetation that can cause problems.

• If using a tripod, keep it, and yourself behind any yellow warning lines on platforms.

• Work out were the sun will be. Pictures against the light seldom work.

• Check train times – look for busy times of day, so you won’t be waiting around.

• At heritage lines, make use of station furniture such as signals, enamel signs and people in period uniform.

• When visiting manned stations, adhere to and carry a copy of the Atoc guidelines and follow them. See:

• Should anyone try and tell you photography of trains is banned, it isn’t. Politely refer them to the guidelines. If in doubt, ask to see a supervisor.

• Never use flash, as this can temporarily blind the driver.

Top Tip

Buy Railway Magazine to learn of dates of special steam trains, galas and other events. Finally, do not trespass on the railway – be safe and alert, especially near electrified lines.