Aerial photographs of the earth work as both abstract art and environmental storytelling

Title: Patterns Of The Earth

Author: Bernard Edmaier

ISBN: 0714846791

Publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd

Edition: HB

Review: Aerial photographs of the earth have huge appeal at the moment, especially with the current emphasis on its fragility and on the environment. Patterns of the Earth is a small-format spin-off from Edmaier’s previous coffee table tome Earthsong, and features abstract aerial images divided into chapters by pattern type – bands, stripes, ripples, circles, spots, branches and so on. Whether viewed from an environmental standpoint, or simply as abstract art, Edmaier’s square-format pictures are simply beautiful. His use of light and his eye for pattern are an inspiration, and even though few of us have the means to take pictures like this ourselves, they certainly spark the urge to go out and look for interesting abstracts to photograph from ground level.

What Digital Camera Score: 92%