Review of the Pantone Huey colour calibratorrn

Manufacturer: Pantone
Model: Huey
Price: £69

If you want to print digital photographs, it is crucial that your monitor displays your colours accurately.

The Pantone huey is for people who want to calibrate their screen quickly with minimum fuss.

Install the CD and insert the black plastic calibration device (huey) into the USB port.

The provided software guides you through the simple calibration process, prompting you when to attach huey to the screen, while LED lights on the back indicate the progress of calibration.

huey isn’t just for photographers; whether you are a designer, gamer or photographer, you can select a suitable colour setting.

Best of all, you can choose to enable the screen to adjust automatically as the light changes.

User-friendly, reasonably price, huey is the perfect calibration solution for the consumer.

The perfect calibration solution for the average consumer

Easy to use and the price isn’t going to break the bank

None to report

What Digital Camera Score: 85%