Nude photography from conception of an idea through to exhibition prints

Title: Nude Photography Notebook: Inspiration, Ideas, Photographs and Techniques

Author: Allan Jenkins & Eddie Ephraums

ISBN: 1902538439

Publisher: Argentum

Edition: Hardback

Review: Equally as well known for his still life, portrait and travel photography as he is for his nudes, Allen Jenkins has made something of a habit of producing classic photography, and what better way to celebrate his stylish brand of imaging than a book styled with a uniquely artistic appeal. Written in conjunction with photographer and editor Eddie Ephraums, Nude Photography Notebook captures the photo artist at work throughout the image making process, from initial conception right through to creating a final exhibition print.

Using additional sketches, contact sheets, proofs and comments from the photographer’s own notebook, the volume provides a stimulating insight into the world of fine art nude photography. Nude Photography is styled in an intriguing notebook format, using high-quality rough paper pages to present scrawled notes and barely-there sketches. Inspirational sound bites of information are scattered throughout, providing snippets of interest that will undoubtedly appeal to true appreciators of the nude image.