Review of the Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit Misc

Manufacturer: Nikon
Model: GP-1 GPS Unit
Price: £180

The GP-1 is a GPS Unit that records positional data directly into EXIF data of images.

Compatible with most Nikon DSLR models, the Unit slots directly into the hotshoe with a data cable that plugs into the camera’s body. Recorded information can be viewed in map form using Nikon’s ViewNX software.

Able to record latitude, longitude, altitude and time information, data is stored in the EXIF files of recorded images.

The Unit is powered directly by the camera it is attached to and automatically switches off when the camera is not in use.

Used in and around central London, our test sample initially took some time ‘hunting’ for available satellites when first switched on, during which time it was unable to record any positional data. However, once locked on, we were able to turn the camera off and on, with the GPS Unit locking on almost instantly.

Performs function with ease

Bit of a niche product

Our Verdict:
There’s no doubt that the GP-1 does what it’s designed to do with consummate ease. The real question is whether it is really worth spending £180 on? Of course, that will depend entirely on your circumstances. For news and travel photographers the ability to geotag images has obvious benefits. However, everyday photographers will probably find it of little practical benefit and should probably consider spending their money elsewhere.

What Digital Camera Score: 85%