Review of the NEC Multisync 90GX2

Manufacturer: NEC
Model: Multisync 90GX2
Price: £311

It was a bit of a surprise to receive the NEC MultiSync 90GX2 as it’s marketed as a gamer’s display, but it does offer a photo display mode. The physical design is very attractive, and a novel mini-joystick on-screen settings display controller certainly helps make the 90GX2 easy to set up. PC utility software access to display configuration is also provided, and the USB connection is complemented by a four USB hub, with two ports side-mounted and two on the underside of the unit. The 90GX2 has a deep-black glossy screen, which is great for tonal range, especially for shadows, but monitor positioning can be a problem because of reflections. But the biggest problem with the 90GX2 is the very directional nature of the screen. Even viewed head on, there is a noticeable fall-off towards the edges of the screen. Colours are also subdued, with a slight brownish bias to grey tones.

Size: 19 inch Type: Flat Panel TFT LCD Native
Native Resolution: 1280X1024DPI DVI?: Yes
Screen Finish: Non-reflective
Built-In Speakers: No
Rotating Portrait Mode: No
USB Hub: 4 hi-speed ports
15 PIN VGA?: Yes
Viewing Angles: 170º, 155º
Dimensions: 412.5X407.3X203MM
Weight: 6.5KG

What Digital Camera Score: 82%