Review of the National Geographic Tundra

Manufacturer: National Geographic
Model: Tundra
Price: £30

The Tundra has a unique design in that the barrel of the leg isn’t round but oval. The bizarre thing is that it actually bends specifically towards the two thinnest sizes of the oval, which make you wonder what the benefit of this design really is.

On the plus side the monopod does come with a ball and socket head with a quick-release plate, which will save you some money. The quick-release plate isn’t the best quality and attaches with a screwdriver or coin to ensure a firm hold of your camera. There are five sections to the Tundra, which also means it folds up smaller than the others – 48cm with the head or 40cm without. This can obviously be a real benefit when travelling, as it will fit easily into your bag.

Max. height: 156cm
Folded length: 48cm
Leg sections: 5
Head: Yes
Weight: 390g

Quirky oval design of legs doesn’t make this any sturdier, but it does cvome with a head and folds up small.

Comes with a head attached, folds down small

Not all that sturdy

What Digital Camera Score: 82%