Review of the National Geographic NG 4567 Small

Manufacturer: National Geographic
Model: NG 4567 Small Sling Bag
Price: £49.95

National Geographic’s NG 4567 Small Sling bag is an addition to the company’s Earth Explorer range and is designed for your everyday kit. The bag has five pockets that vary in size, with the larger two pockets featuring smaller, additional pockets inside. These are referred to as ‘designated protective zones’ to safeguard your delicate equipment.

The bag is fairly small but I was still able to fit in a small bridge camera, a small camcorder, an MP3 player and my mobile phone. The compartments designated for a mobile phone and MP3 player are attached to the strap of the bag, which means that you don’t need a long cable on your headphones to be able to listen to music. The smaller pockets within the larger ones neatly hold a wallet or passport and the concealed full-length rear pocket is ideal for maps or any paperwork that may need to be accessed quickly.

Available from Bogen Imaging.

I am very impressed with the Small Sling bag,
and the Earth Explorer range in general, but at £49.95 the bag is
expensive for what it is, although this would be my only criticism.

The general structure of the bag, useful layout


What Digital Camera Score: 83%