Review of the National Geographic Earth Explorer Bags

Manufacturer: National Geographic
Model: Earth Explorer Bags
Price: £80

As an explorer for the perfect camera bag, I have yet to find the Holy Grail, but the ancient engineers of the National Geographic bags are certainly providing a few clues.

The Earth Explorer Shoulder bag has a certain Indiana Jones charm, with its khaki style and relaxed, de-constructed tailoring. Okay, it may not suit everybody’s taste, and the National Geographic logo may be seen as a bit of an affectation, but it’s still a world away from the trendy courier bags and traditionally styled ‘mug-me-I’ve-got-an-expensive-camera’ type of bags.

The materials used, such as hemp and cotton, are environmentally friendly and reflect National Geographic’s dedication to conservation, but that doesn’t mean the materials suffer as a result. The bag is sturdy and well made, with the addition of brass buckles and clasps adding to the traditional look.

Inside the bag, your gear is protected with removable padded separators, and this model allows room for a laptop, a couple of camera bodies and lenses as well as four external pockets for accessories. The padding can be removed to give extra space, or for more conventional means, such as for your daily commute when you’re not out in the wilds.

A well made and effective camera bag that sits comfortably and offers easy access to gear.

Sturdy, well made and perfect for any wannabe Indie

The styling won’t suit everyone

What Digital Camera Score: 88%